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You've just been kissed beneath the mistletoe!! You know you've been yearning for some good tender loving care this holiday season, so thank the person that sent you this page! In fact, why don't you give them this kiss right back! Send this kiss to all your friends (and even your foes... get into the true spirit of the holidays) and spread some of the good love! If you are getting this page from a member of the same sex, and you don't swing that way, don't be alarmed! It's just a friendly greeting... a way to say "Have a great holiday season!" Consider it to be a FIRM HANDSHAKE beneath the mistletoe! So ICQ or email all day and while you're at it KISS AWAY!

Send a kiss (or handshake) beneath the mistletoe to all your ICQ friends!

Kiss 5 people - You better practice your kissing some more!
Kiss 10 people - Word around town is that you're pretty good at puckering up.
Kiss 15 people - There's a line waiting for your wonderful kisses!
Kiss 25 people - Whoa there! You're so hot you might catch the mistletoe on fire!
Kiss 30+ people - Who needs mistletoe when you're that hot and sexy?!?!

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